Regina Kammer: About the Author

Want to know more about Regina Kammer? Click on the links below to find out how she became an author, what she writes, where to find her on social media, and a list of all her books.

About Regina Kammer: the Author Biography

How I started writing historical erotic romance and erotica, links to blog interviews, plus the official “Regina Kammer About the Author” biography.

About Regina’s writing

Not just Victorian erotic romance, not just historical erotica, but romance, erotica, beta heroes, and history: a note on what I write.

Connect with Regina

All my Regina Kammer Author pages and social media, authorial pursuits and writing memberships are listed on my Authorial Connections page. You can also keep in touch by subscribing to my newsletter, Kammerotica News.

Regina’s Books and Stories

All my romance, erotic romance, and erotica novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories are listed on my Books page. I have series and themes listed on my Series and Themes page.
About Regina Kammer Author of provocative historical romance