The Invitation: An Art & Discipline Short Story

In Victorian London, a lovelorn fifty-three-year-old widow discovers she is the muse for a young artist.

“The Invitation” is a stand-alone erotic romance short story set in the Victorian Art & Discipline world.
The Invitation by Regina Kammer
The Invitation: An Art & Discipline Short Story
Published by Viridium Press, 2020.
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“The Invitation” by Regina Kammer

Widowed, middle-class, and past her prime, Leonora is unwelcome amongst Victorian England’s upper crust and denied the opportunities society can bring — including romantic attachments. She aches for erotic fulfillment, and fantasizes about a young artist who sketches in London’s National Gallery. At a chance meeting, the artist offers Leonora an intriguing invitation. Will she risk respectability for a chance at love?

Sexy fun includes: erotic fantasies, semi-public sex with a heroine in her prime
Tropes include: Older Woman / Younger Man aka Reverse Age Gap

Series description: Art & Discipline

Beneath prim and proper Victorian society lies a world of unconventional artistic endeavors and sensual pursuits.
Book 1: The Westerman Affair
Short story: “The Invitation”

“The Invitation” takes place in the same world as Regina’s Art & Discipline series. The characters in “The Invitation”, Leonora Aldbury and the artist Jasper Dawson, will be integrated into future Art & Discipline books. “The Invitation” is a short story of 3,946 words.

Reviews for “The Invitation”

“Ms. Kammer is an excellent writer of erotic stories with good plots. If you need “an invitation” to preview the author’s writing style, this is a good short read for you.” — Pamela Gibson, 5 stars on Goodreads

“This quick little read is perfect when you have a little time to fill. I love the author and this series.” — Hopeless Romantic, 5 stars on Barnes & Noble

Reviews of “The Invitation” in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4:
“‘The Invitation’ by Regina Kammer is an historical set in 1880 London, and if you know me, you know I adore historicals. This story featured an older female paired with a younger male artist lover. Um… YUM. The use of non-contemporary language might not appeal to some readers, but the tension in the setup of the story carries through wonderfully to the climax. I loved it.” — Leandra Vane, The Unlaced Librarian

“While I ‘got something’ out of each of these stories, there were some that I particularly enjoyed. … “The Invitation” by Regina Kammer takes place in 1880, and I am a sucker for a good bodice-ripper. Plus, I like that this story was about a middle-aged widow rather than the sort of virginal character that usually is the leading lady in historical romance.” — Kate, Slutty Girl Problems

“I found myself tearing up at a historical story of widow and a young artist—perhaps I get emotional when characters aching for exploration get their needs met.” — Nicole G., Amazon

“I enjoyed all the stories but some of them stuck with me long after I finished them. Some of my favourites were … The Invitation by Regina Kammer…” — Janine, Goodreads

“A few standouts for me…’The Invitation’ by Regina Kammer – Historical romance is my catnip, so I loved this one” — Portland reviewer, Amazon

“…an amazing collection of stories. The authors all brought their A-game. there are always favorites with anthologies and mine were … The Invitation by Regina Kammer…” — traceyg, Amazon

“The Invitation by Regina Kammer – Hooray for Historical Erotica! Just on the general principle, I loved this story. The world needs a good reminder that our generations haven’t discovered anything new about sex that didn’t already exist in another time and place.” — Courtney C, Netgalley

“The Invitation” older editions

Best Women's Erotica Vol. 4 coverBest Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 4
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, published by Cleis Press, 2018. “Stories [of] women who daringly pursue love and lust.”
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