Seasoned Romance

Seasoned Romance, Erotic Romance, and Erotica by Regina Kammer

What is “Seasoned” romance? Seasoned means the heroes and heroines of the romance are older than 35 years. This sub-genre of romance is also called “Romance Later in Life”.

Historical Seasoned Erotic Romance

The Westerman Affair
The Westerman Affair (Art & Discipline Book 1)

The three characters making up the central romantic triad — Charles Westerman, Rosamund Chambers, and Jeremy Chambers — are all in their early-mid forties.
Where Destiny Plays by Regina Kammer
Where Destiny Plays (Harwell Heirs Book 3)

The hero — Arthur Harwell — and heroine — Lavinia, Lady Foxley-Graham — are in their early-mid forties. Also features a secondary romance with Dr. Julius Christopher who is in his late forties. Tertiary characters Joseph Phillips and his wife Sophia are in their late thirties-early forties. (This book, the third in the Harwell Heirs series, can be read as a standalone.)
Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story by Regina Kammer
Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story

While this book begins when Hadrian and Sabina are married in their youth, it follows the course of their marriage — and the lovers they take — into their fifties and sixties.
Best Women's Erotica of the Year vol 4 thumbnail
The Invitation

A Victorian erotica short story featuring a fifty-three-year-old heroine.

Contemporary Seasoned Romance and Erotica

Resistance A Common Elements Romance by Regina Kammer
Resistance: A Common Elements Romance

Hero Kace Jaager is a fifty-three-year-old silver fox, and heroine Madison Danes is a forty-two-year-old heroine in her prime.
Undamaged cover thumbnail
Undamaged (Stories from the San Juan Islands)

Hero Royce Donovan and heroine Samantha Vickers are in their early forties. This is a novella set on San Juan Island.
An Age Play: A Modern Romance cover
An Age Play

Married protagonists, Jean and Mark, are in their early forties. This is a short story.
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Window Display

Laurie and Christoph are both in their mid-thirties. This is a short story.
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Silent Sky

Married protagonists, Jennie and Scott, are in their early forties. This is a short story.
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Orcas (Stories from the San Juan Islands)

The unnamed female heroine is in her mid-thirties. This is a short story set on Orcas Island.
Modern Shorts by Regina Kammer cover
Modern Shorts: A Contemporary Romance Collection

This collection includes five short stories: An Age Play, Window Display, Silent Sky, Orcas — all mentioned above — plus Object (where the characters’ ages are not mentioned, but Nigel and Mandy are best imagined in their early thirties).

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