Seasoned Romance

What is “Seasoned” romance? Seasoned means the heroes and heroines of the romance are older than 35 years. This sub-genre of romance is also called “Romance Later in Life”.

Historical Seasoned Erotic Romance

The Westerman Affair
The Westerman Affair (Art & Discipline Book 1)

The three characters making up the central polyamorous romantic triad — Charles Westerman, Rosamund Chambers, and Jeremy Chambers — are all in their early-mid forties.
Where Destiny Plays by Regina Kammer
Where Destiny Plays (Harwell Heirs Book 3)

The hero — Arthur Harwell — and heroine — Lavinia, Lady Foxley-Graham — are in their early-mid forties. Also features a secondary romance with Dr. Julius Christopher who is in his late forties. Tertiary characters Joseph Phillips and his wife Sophia are in their late thirties-early forties. (This book, the third in the Harwell Heirs series, can be read as a standalone.)

Historical Erotica and Erotic Romance featuring mature protagonists

Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story by Regina Kammer
Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story

While this book begins when Hadrian and Sabina are married in their youth, it follows the course of their marriage — and the lovers they take — into their fifties and sixties and beyond. This fictional biography is historical erotica with romantic elements.
The Invitation by Regina Kammer
The Invitation: An Art & Discipline Short Story (Art & Discipline Book 1.5)

A Victorian erotica short story featuring a fifty-three-year-old heroine and a younger hero.

Contemporary Seasoned Romance and Erotica

Resistance A Common Elements Romance by Regina Kammer
Resistance: A Common Elements Romance

Hero Kace Jaager is a fifty-three-year-old silver fox, and heroine Madison Danes is a forty-two-year-old heroine in her prime.
Undamaged cover thumbnail
Undamaged (Stories from the San Juan Islands)

Hero Royce Donovan and heroine Samantha Vickers are in their early forties. This is a novella set on San Juan Island.
An Age Play: A Modern Romance cover
An Age Play

Married protagonists, Jean and Mark, are in their early forties. This is a short story.
Window Display promo card
Window Display

Laurie and Christoph are both in their mid-thirties. This is a short story.
Silent Sky promo card
Silent Sky

Married protagonists, Jennie and Scott, are in their early forties. This is a short story.
Orcas Stories from the San Juan Islands cover
Orcas (Stories from the San Juan Islands)

The unnamed female heroine is in her mid-thirties. This is a short story set on Orcas Island.
Modern Shorts by Regina Kammer cover
Modern Shorts: A Contemporary Romance Collection

This collection includes five short stories: An Age Play, Window Display, Silent Sky, Orcas — all mentioned above — plus Object (where the characters’ ages are not mentioned, but Nigel and Mandy are best imagined in their early thirties).

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