Stories from the San Juan Islands

Stories from the San Juan Islands is a trio of steamy romances set on the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

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Stories from the San Juan Islands is not a series in the traditional sense. Rather, these are three romances where the gorgeous setting functions as another character. Each story can be read as a stand-alone.

The three stories are:

Undamaged, a steamy contemporary seasoned firefighter romance set on San Juan Island. A firefighter coping with tragedy. A historian escaping traumatic shock. An island brings together two damaged souls seeking respite and recovery. Will they discover love as well?

Disputed Boundaries, a historical erotic romance novelette set in 1869, during the Pig War on San Juan Island. A British soldier and an American adventurer test the borders of desire.

“Orcas”, a contemporary erotica short set on Orcas Island. Desperately needing a vacation, a lawyer travels to the eponymous island and finds stress relief in a hot tub and fantasies of a honed cyclist.

The Stories from the San Juan Islands Collection

Stories from the San Juan Islands collection
All three stories are also available together in one book. Paperback coming soon!

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