Window Display

Window Display

The apartment in Zurich was supposed to be the perfect disruption-free place to finish my dissertation. Trouble is, my room came with a very distracting view.

“Window Display” is a contemporary voyeuristic romance set in Switzerland.

Modern Shorts by Regina Kammer cover
Modern Shorts: A Contemporary Romance Collection

Published by Viridium Press, 2019.
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“Window Display” by Regina Kammer

In this contemporary tale of unexpected voyeurism and romance set in Zurich, Switzerland, an American scholar seeks a faraway room of her own to finish her dissertation. Trouble is, the room comes with a very distracting view.

Sexy fun includes: voyeurism, mutual masturbation, semi-public sex, semi-public nudity.

Inspiration for “Window Display”

Some of the events in this short story are based on real life. Not my life, mind you. Read all about it on my blog!

Reviews for “Window Display”

“This was a fun read.” — Jean Smith, 4 stars on Amazon!

“A lovely take of lonely hearts who find each other at last. Intense and warmly satisfying.” — 4 out of 5 stars from Liz Tucker, Genreflections

“I do find my favorites in each [Naughty Literati] set. Here I very enjoyed…Window Display by Regina Kammer (I liked her use of first person and the immediacy of the plot as it unfolds)…” — Sonny, 5 stars on Amazon!

“Omg! This was amazing and downright funny!” — libby faye, 5 stars on Amazon!

“This story gives a whole new meaning to window shopping. Very hot read!!” — MAustin, 5 stars on Amazon!

“Nice story of two different cultures coming together in a sexy way.” — Christine, 4 stars on Amazon!

“Window Display” Excerpt

Read an excerpt on the Naughty Literati website.

“Window Display” older editions

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