Regina Kammer Retailer Author Pages

All my books are available at major retailer sites and a few not-so-major ones. I am proud to be a “wide” author — meaning all my books are available widely and not exclusively to any one retailer. Below is a list of all my retailer author pages.


I have an Author Page on Amazon USA! The page includes all the anthologies I’ve been in as well as indie-published works.

I also have author pages on the following Amazon geographic sites:


I don’t have an author page at Apple, just a listing of all my books. This link should work for all geographic regions.

Barnes and Noble

I have a (rare) Author Page at Barnes and Noble. They list all my books under “More From This Author”. Paperback editions (if they exist for a title) are listed by default, so you need to click through on a listing to see my Nook ebooks.

Eden Books

Eden Books carries only romance and women’s fiction. Their author pages are called “Shops”. Check out my Shop!

Google Play

I don’t have an author page at Google Play, but I do have a listing. This link should work for all geographic locations.


I don’t have an author page at Kobo Books, but I do have a listing. This link should work for all geographic locations.
Note: All my ebooks are available in the Kobo Plus subscription program wherever Kobo Plus is available.


I have an author page at Smashwords, with all my series featured at the top.

Everand (formerly Scribd)

I do have an author page at Everand (formerly Scribd), but, alas, Everand/Scribd only sometimes lists all my books. Everand/Scribd is very picky when it comes to romance books because romance readers are too voracious for the subscription platform.

Other retailer listings: Books2Read

For all other retailer listings check out my Books2Read Author Page!


You can always order paperback editions of my books at your local bookstore by providing them the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) associated with the paperback. Only some of my books are available in paperback form. Here are the ISBNs:
The Pleasure Device (Harwell Heirs Book 1): 978-0-9910166-3-1
Disobedience By Design (Harwell Heirs Book 2): 978-0-9910166-5-5
Where Destiny Plays (Harwell Heirs Book 3): 978-0-9910166-7-9
The Westerman Affair (Art & Discipline Book 1): 978-0-9910166-9-3
The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale (American Revolutionary Tales Book 1): 978-0-9910166-0-0
Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story: 978-0-9978893-1-4
Resistance: A Common Elements Romance: 978-0-9978893-2-1

Retailers that carry my paperbacks include:

Amazon USA
Some of the other Amazon geographic regions also offer my paperbacks. Check to see if your region does!

Barnes and Noble
Paperback editions (if they exist for one of my titles) are listed by default under “More From This Author”.

Books-A-Million (BAM!)
Books-A-Million is a chain of bookstores in the U.S.A. All my paperbacks are listed on the Books-A-Million website.

Bookshop (also known as “Bookshop dot org”) is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. Paperbacks are usually discounted on this site.

Booktopia is Australia’s biggest bookstore that ship orders to Australia and New Zealand.

Ripped Bodice
A romance-only bookstore in the Los Angeles area.


Public Libraries

Request my books from your local public library and read for free!

Most of my ebooks are available to local public libraries via the following digital library apps: Baker & Taylor (Axis360), cloudLibrary (Bibliotheca), Library Direct, Gardners, Hoopla, Odilo, Libby (OverDrive), and Palace Marketplace. I also have many ebooks available to public library users in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom via the BorrowBox app.

Many libraries have request forms on their websites. And, yes, I do get paid for library purchases and borrows — but you read for free!

Happy reading!