Art & Discipline

Art & Discipline is a Victorian erotic romance series

The Westerman Affair Art and Discipline Book 1 The Invitation by Regina Kammer

Art & Discipline series description

Beneath prim and proper Victorian society lies a world of unconventional artistic endeavors and sensual pursuits.

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Book 1: The Westerman Affair, Charles, Rosamund, and Jeremy’s story
Book 1.5: “The Invitation” a short story that takes place in the same world as the series. The characters in “The Invitation”, Leonora Aldbury and the artist Jasper Dawson, will be integrated into future Art & Discipline books. Originally published in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Volume 4, the story has been released as an ebook single.

Works in Progress

Behold my fake National Novel Writing Month covers!

A Mutual Agreement Art and Discipline 2 fake cover An Improper Association Art and Discipline 3 fake cover A Model Alliance NaNoWriMo cover

Book 2: A Mutual Agreement, Maude Bowles and Harland Kent’s story
Book 3: An Improper Association, Francesca Burridge (Charles Westerman’s sister) and Roderick Harbough’s story
Book 4: A Model Alliance, Lydia and Adam’s story

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The Westerman Affair is also available in paperback! Links on the book page.