Naughty Phantasia

Naughty Phantasia: Eighteen Fabulous Fantasies

Includes the following short stories by Regina Kammer:
“Delia’s Heartthrob” (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 2)
“Swing Follies” (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 3)
“Hot As Hades”

Naughty Phantasia cover
Naughty Phantasia: Eighteen Fabulous Fantasies
Published by The Naughty Literati, 2017.

Sadly the paperback and ebook editions of Naughty Phantasia are no longer available. But check your bookshelves and ereaders to see if you already own it!

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Eighteen Fabulous Fantasies including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, Time Travel, and Mythological romance stories from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati!

Table of Contents:

Weapon of Choice by Katherine Kingston
Alien Rights by Nicole Austin
Delia’s Heartthrob (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 2) by Regina Kammer
The Ghosts at Substation #69 by Berengaria Brown
Gypsy Witch by Suz deMello
My Cups Runneth Over by Francesca Hawley
Pleasure Quest by Tina Donahue
Coastal Ghost by Katherine Kingston
Strange Magic by Lynn LaFleur
Hot As Hades by Regina Kammer
Valentime by Belle Scarlett
The Moon Maiden’s Mate by Suz deMello
Where or When by Francesca Hawley
Cupid’s Curious Case by Marianne Stephens
The Magic That You Do by Tina Donahue
Phantom Affair by Katherine Kingston
How The Alien Stole Christmas by Belle Scarlett
Swing Follies (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 3) by Regina Kammer

Blurbs, reviews, excerpts, and more can be found on the page for each story:

Delia's Heartthrob promo
“Delia’s Heartthrob” (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 2)

Gadzooks! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – what’s a scientist to do? Edward knows naught of romance. Can steam power prevail over chocolates to win Delia’s heart?

Swing Follies promo
“Swing Follies” (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 3)

Blimey. Delia’s besotted. With Edward. But when an old flame from Edward’s revolutionary past swings by and steams up the laboratory, has Delia missed her chance at love?

Hot As Hades promo
“Hot As Hades”

After living in Hell for four months, Persephone returns home to the mortal realm. But can home truly be home without the man she loves?

The Naughty Literati

The Naughty Literati are a group of authors who’ve come together to show off their epic talents in short stories filled with powerful eroticism and satisfying romance. Our tales range from steamy to scorching hot erotic, medieval to futuristic, humans to aliens and shape-shifters, vanilla committed couples to kinky menage fun.

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