Teaser: My Final Contemporary Romance

Don’t you just hate teasers?

Or maybe not. Perhaps there’s something about a teaser that excites you?

Whatever your fancy, I offer you this teaser to whet your appetite for Resistance, my upcoming autumn 2019 contemporary romance:

Kace Jaager, former Army archaeologist, now Superintendent of Fort America National Park, has a duty to preserve and protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the United States.

Madison Danes, ambitious CEO of Danergy Mining & Hydraulics, has a government contract to conduct fracking on federal land at Fort America National Park.

Passions flare as ideologies collide. Yet uncontrollable attraction compels a truce in bed. Opposites may attract, but can they put politics aside to form a more perfect union?

Resistance is a steamy, contemporary, seasoned romance with a 53-year-old silver fox hero and a 42-year-old heroine in her prime. The short novel is part of the Common Elements Romance Project, where over one hundred romance authors have come together to write stories with five things in common. Stories are unique and not connected in any way, except for having five elements: a lightning storm, lost keys, a haunted house, a stack of thick books, and a person named Max.

I had been working on a story for a Naughty Literati boxed set over a year and a half ago with the requirements that the story be a contemporary romance involving a military or ex-military hero. I left the Naughty Literati around the time we had some publisher drama and the boxed set was put on hold.

But I still had a more than half-finished book with a very, very contemporary story line. I was thinking about pitching it to publishers when I heard about the Common Elements Romance Project. I joined the Project and edited my story to include the five common elements. I’m planning for an October release date for Resistance. (Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates as release day draws near!) All of the books in the Project will be released October through December 2019.


I did something a little different while researching and writing this story. I created a Pinterest board with teaser images for the characters, settings, and story.

Plus, I have a theme song!

While other authors may have play lists they listen to while writing, I have a theme song for Resistance. (I’ve had a theme song only once before, for The Westerman Affair.)

My theme song for Resistance is “The Last Resort” by The Eagles, a song from 1976 that is, sadly, still so relevant today. Lyrics are here.

The Last Contemporary Romance?

This will be my last contemporary romance for a long time. A long time. I swear.

Contemporary romance is difficult for me to write. I want everyone to speak way too eloquently and flowery, like in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries, or even an alternate Steampunk reality. Just not like today. Plus I have at least nine more historicals — and lots of Steampunk — in various draft stages waiting to be finished and published.

But Resistance had to be told. I hope it will be a memorable farewell to the genre.