Dirty Little Numbers

The Demonstration

In Victorian London, a girl-for-hire is subjected to a new treatment for hysteria.

Dirty Little Numbers cover
Dirty Little Numbers: Erotic Flash Fiction of 500 Words or Less
Edited by Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, includes “The Demonstration,” by Regina Kammer, a very short Victorian story.
Published by Go Deeper Press, 2013.
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Publisher’s description: This collection of super-short erotic stories features steamy work by … dozens of talented [authors]. From the romance of sex in taffeta as the sea whispers beside us, to the power of a birthday menage-a-trois and an attraction as compelling as Nabakov’s Lolita, these tales strip off fast and pop like champagne. The works in this anthology are a mix of LGBT, heterosexual, and kinky erotic pieces …

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About “The Demonstration”

When I wrote Dr. Christopher (as I call it and will probably continue to call it, so if you ever meet me, I might call it that; it’s okay, though, as Dr. Julius Christopher is a central character in the book), I wanted the opening scene to depict a demonstration of the electro-mechanical vibrating device. What better way to do this than to show it from the point of view of the subject being demonstrated upon and what she experiences—the frustration of being a study participant, the pleasure experienced from the device. So that’s how the novel originally opened.

Read more from my my blog post New Releases: Victorian Pleasures about how The Pleasure Device and “The Demonstration” in Dirty Little Numbers are related.

Sexy fun includes: masturbation, voyeurism.

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