Snippet Sunday: The Pleasure Device: Opening

I’m back for Snippet Sunday* after a hiatus. During said hiatus I published The Pleasure Device, book 1 in my Victorian-era Harwell Heirs series, and turned in book 2 (title reveal! You saw it here first!: working title Lord Petersham’s Contract now called Disobedience By Design), to my publisher, Ellora’s Cave. So, of course I’m going to promote The Pleasure Device!

The chosen snippet has the opening lines to the book. I’ve done this purposefully because the girl with the pretty brown eyes has her own story. Her name is Grace Danby and she is a secondary character in The Pleasure Device. She will feature in book 3 of the Harwell Heirs. But she is the primary character – and the point-of-view character – in my flash fiction erotica short, “The Demonstration”, published by Go Deeper Press in their anthology Dirty Little Numbers. That piece is the very same as the opening to The Pleasure Device, but from Grace’s point of view.

I like Grace. She’s uneducated but smart. I also like Julius Christopher as you can tell by a previous blog post. He’s a kind of no-holds-barred lover. He’ll also be back in book 3 of the Harwell Heirs.


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“Observe, gentlemen, how our subject is in the flaccid, or un-aroused state.”

Dr. Julius Christopher made note of the blasé tone of Dr. Waddington’s voice, seemingly completely unaffected by the circumstances in which he was instructing his audience. As if he had a pretty girl lying on a table with her legs splayed open before him every day.

Not bloody likely. Julius stifled a chuckle. Waddington catered to a much older, and less agitated, clientele.

His host inelegantly manhandled the privates of the female subject. “We have brought before you a young woman of the laboring classes—”

The girl on the table rolled her pretty brown eyes.

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  1. The flaccid, or completely uninterested in Dr. Waddington state, you mean? 😀

    She may be secondary, but I like Grace already!

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