Naughty Hearts

Delia’s Heartthrob (Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 2)

Gadzooks! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – what’s a scientist to do? Edward knows naught of romance. Can steam power prevail over chocolates to win Delia’s heart?
The second story in my bisexual erotic romance Steampunk series, The Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles, will be re-released in ebook form soon! Sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date with all my new releases.
Naughty Hearts: Eleven Naughty Romance Stories
Produced by The Naughty Literati, includes “Delia’s Heartthrob” by Regina Kammer, the second story in the bisexual erotic romance Steampunk series, The Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles.
Published by The Naughty Literati, 2015.
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Eleven Naughty Valentine’s Stories including Contemporary, Dark Fantasy, Ménage, M/M, M/M/F, New Adult, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Steampunk, and Time Travel romance from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati!

Table of Contents:

Naughty Balls by Suz deMello
Love Potion #69 by Alexa Silver
My Valentine Lovers by Nicole Austin
Valentime by Belle Scarlett
Delia’s Heartthrob by Regina Kammer
Two Into One Goes Great by Lynne Connolly
Buy Me A Rose by Francesca Hawley
Chocolate-Coated Reunion by Berengaria Brown
Cupid’s Curious Case by Marianne Stephens
Fifty Shades of Valentine’s Day by Katherine Kingston
The Reaper’s Valentine by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Delia’s Heartthrob” by Regina Kammer

The stress of looming deadlines threatens to thwart Valentine’s Day plans for Professor Edward Ockham and his assistant — and lover — Delia Bennett. Compounding the tension, Edward insists the two maintain scientific restraint once the workday begins at the Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory. But testing erotic machines with a professional demeanor proves to be quite challenging for Edward—and terribly frustrating for Delia. Something’s got to give. Will Edward ever find the inspiration to melt his icy reserve?

Sexy fun includes: erotic Steampunk machines, role play, male-male encounter, semi-public sex

The Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles

In an imagined Newcastle, England, circa 1878, Professor Edward Ockham and Special Assistant Sebastian Broadchurch toil in obscurity creating unprofitable machines, finding solace in each other’s arms…Until Delia Bennett joins the Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory, sparking unfamiliar desires and inspiring erotic inventions.

Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 1: “One Cheek or Two?” in Valves & Vixens: Steampunk Erotica
Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 2: “Delia’s Heartthrob”
Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory Chronicles 3: “Swing Follies”

Inspiration for “Delia’s Heartthrob”

Read about the inspiration for the Ockham Steam-Works Laboratory chronicles and the machines in “Delia’s Heartthrob” in my blog post “Steampunk Inspiration (Part 2): Burning Man“.

Reviews for “Delia’s Heartthrob”

“It’s a humorous and sexy read and also a comedy of manners…Some very interesting Steampunk contraptions and characterisations make this read stand out.” — 4 stars from Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review Blog

“Delia’s Heartthrob” Excerpt

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