Pre-order Discovering Her Delight! Harwell Heirs Book 5!

Discovering Her Delight: A Harwell Heirs Legacy Romance, Book 5 in the Harwell Heirs series is now available for pre-order! Release date is April 2, 2024!

I am happy to release Beatrice and William’s story. You may (should!) remember them from Book 3, Where Destiny Plays. The central romantic protagonists in Where Destiny Plays, Arthur and Lavinia, have, ahem, encounters with Beatrice and William respectively before Beatrice and William discover each other.

And now this is Beatrice and William’s love story. Check out this gorgeous cover:

Cover for Discovering Her Delight: A Harwell Heirs Legacy Romance (Harwell Heirs Book 5), William and Beatrice embracing in front of a Roman temple.

The Blurb

She wanted a kiss. She got an adventure.

William Peel fancies himself a scholar of classical texts, and what better way to study such artifacts than on an archaeological expedition to Ottoman Turkey? And what better way to try and forget the beautiful–and unattainable–daughter of an earl than by pursuing his studies?

Lady Beatrice Smythe has been granted all the freedoms the middle daughter of a Radical member of Parliament could want–including travel to far-off lands to pursue her interest in archaeology and quench her thirst for adventure.

Beatrice and William find themselves on the very same expedition–and find it difficult to keep their hands in the excavation pits and not on each other. After a discovery of historic proportions, the expedition becomes the target of a determined villain who has set his sights not just on precious artifacts, but on the virginal Beatrice.

But archaeologists and academics are a determined lot when it comes to protecting that which is treasured…

Pre-order now! Release date is April 2, 2024!

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Discovering Her Delight, Book 5 in the Harwell Heirs series, is a Victorian erotic romance with adventure, archaeology, and a surfeit of sensual exploration. The story begins in 1880, right after Beatrice and William’s meeting in Book 3, and is a best-friends-to-lovers, coming-of-age, journey abroad, historical romance with a precocious virgin and a gentleman scholar fighting a dastardly villain. Discovering Her Delight can be read as a stand-alone; however, the novel is enhanced by first reading Where Destiny Plays.

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