NaNoPrep2018: A(nother) Victorian spanking novel! #NaNoPrep2018

I have a title! A hero and heroine! Plus a fake cover! I’m still working on the blurb and the outline!

That’s right — it’s October and that means NaNoPrep2018 (also called Preptober and NaNoPlanO) for National Novel Writing Month 2018!!

This November I will be writing Book Two in my Art & Discipline series. Book One in the series is The Westerman Affair, which was my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel. The hero and heroine of Book Two are Harland Kent and Maude Bowles. Who are Maude and Harland, you ask? (Rightly so, as they were very minor characters.) Maude and Harland appeared in Chapter Nine of The Westerman Affair at the hunting party at Hammond Hall in Norfolk, the estate of Viscount and Lady Hammond. Harland is the son of the Hammonds. Maude has an intriguing encounter with one of the heroes in The Westerman Affair.

Without further ado, I bring you my NaNoWriMo 2018 novel!

The Tentative Title

(Misterotica doesn’t like my title, so I may change it. He says it’s not sexy enough. It probably isn’t…):

A Mutual Agreement (Art and Discipline 2)

The Fake Cover

A Mutual Agreement NaNoWriMo Cover

The painting is “Persuasion” (1914) by Leonard Campbell Taylor (British, 1874–1969).

The Blurb Rough Draft

I admit it’s clunky, but it gets some expected plot points across. NaNoWriMo is a wonderfully serendipitous event, so the plot might change entirely.

Harland Kent can have any woman he desires, but the heir to the Hammond viscountcy has decided he wants a commoner, Miss Maude Bowles. Unfortunately, Maude is a free spirit—and a little too free with her affections for his tastes. Their flirtation goes nowhere, leaving Harland frustrated. He seeks solace at The Vicereine, an erotic club where he discovers an outlet for his urges and, at the very least, can control the hired young lady bent over the paddling table.

Maude Bowles, the daughter of a Radical politician, is determined to live life as an independent woman—including independence from the fetters of marriage. She’s racked up her share of lovers, not one of which could completely satisfy her. Until the night an experienced suitor shows her how useful a man might be. He leaves her wanting to be mastered, to relive that experience of utter sensual abandon.

When Harland discovers Maude at The Vicereine, they begin an affair with great mutual satisfaction. Just as the seeds of love are sprouting, disaster strikes. Maude and Harland are betrothed—but not to each other. Is there hope for their love? Or will marriage rip them apart?

Watch my NaNoWriMo progress!

If you are a participant in National Novel Writing Month you can see my progress on my NaNo author page.

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As I have several unfinished and unpublished NaNoWriMo novels to work on, I won’t be publishing Art and Discipline Book 2 for a while, though. So the best way to keep up with the story is to follow me on social media.

Happy writing!