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I just became a publisher.

What this really means is that I just purchased a block of ISBNs and registered the publisher name. I could have gone with “Kammerotica” but I didn’t. I chose “Viridium Press” — my husband’s idea based on a location in a novel I have yet to finish.

The first book to be published under this new imprint will be The General’s Wife. I have just received the edits from my copyeditor and will be working on those starting today. I’ve already made a new cover. The title is now centered (providing a modesty screen of sorts) and the author’s name (Regina Kammer! me!) is bigger:

The General's Wife An American Revolutionary Tale by Regina Kammer front cover

So, the new edition of The General’s Wife will be easily identifiable from the cover and the imprint. Why is this important? Because I don’t want anyone to pay $4789.00 for the old version!


And for you ISBN geeks, my prefix is 978-0-9910166.

UPDATE: The cover for The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale was changed again in 2015. And I put my new Viridium Press logo on the top of the spine of the paperback!
The Generals Wife Print Cover

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