Ex-EC Titles Re-Released: Part One #notchilled

The publisher Ellora’s Cave has been having problems for the last couple of years. They’ve had massive layoffs, late and missed payments to authors and contractors, then, when they sued a blogger for defamation, all hell broke loose. There was mudslinging and accusations and a boycott of Ellora’s Cave books led by some pretty powerful people in the field of romance. EC authors themselves begged their fans not to buy their EC books so they could request reversion of rights based on low sales.

I want to go beyond the negativity, the “don’t”-ness of a boycott, and instead explore positive actions to support authors still trapped in the EC quagmire. Let’s get some love for your favorite EC author!
— Buy non-EC books by your favorite EC author!
— Write a review for a non-EC book by your favorite EC author!
— Blog or post on social media about non-EC books by your favorite EC author!
— Recommend non-EC books by your favorite EC author to all your reader friends!

Several of us have had rights reverted on our ex-EC books — titles previously published by Ellora’s Cave. I want readers to know about these ex-EC titles, that they can buy them and recommend them without remorse. Below is Part One of what I hope is a continuing series of ex-EC titles and re-released by the authors after rights reversion. This list includes a mix of romance sub-genres. Note: if a title has changed or an author name has changed upon re-release, the original Ellora’s Cave title and author name are included for reference.

Christie Adams

(previously known as Kirstie Abbot)
Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon (previously Master Of Velvet)
Club Aegis 2.5: A Wanting Heart (previously Kelly’s Woman)

Cornelia Amiri

Dance of the Vampires
Vampire Highland Fling
A Bonnie Vampire Dancer (previously One Dance With A Vampire)

Nicole Austin

Fatal Submission
Trip My Switch

Lynne Barron

Portrait of Passion

Ann Jacobs

Ann has an extensive catalog of reverted titles. She’s posted cheat sheets on her blog cross-referencing old titles to new.
Cheat sheet part one
Cheat sheet part two

Kelly Jamieson

Power Struggle
Power Play
Power Shift
Hat Trick
One Man Advantage

Regina Kammer

The Pleasure Device (Harwell Heirs Book 1)
Disobedience By Design (Harwell Heirs Book 2)

Lynn LaFleur

Illusion (previously Mirage)
Overboard (previously Capsized)

Jane Leopold Quinn

The Gunny & The Jazz Singer (previously Lost and Found)
The Bride Takes a Powder (previously The Real Deal)

I’ll post more titles as I discover them!
[UPDATE: See Part Two here! And Part Three!]

UPDATE: Amazon finally approved my membership in the Amazon Associates Program. This means all of the above Amazon links are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if a purchase is made.

12 thoughts on “Ex-EC Titles Re-Released: Part One #notchilled

  1. Much thanks, Regina, for doing this and including my precious babies. 😉

  2. Hi! I’m an ex-EC author who’s re-published my former EC titles. Who do I need to talk to to be included on your lovely list? 🙂

  3. Hi Regina, I’m a reader who had an extensive EC library (vanished in site “updates”), so I’ve been keeping track of re-issues. I have a fairly detailed spreadsheet that I’m happy to send to you if it helps you with your list. 🙂

    • Hi Cayenne,
      I am so, so sorry about losing all your books. I was appalled when I heard about that, even more so at how the publisher handled it.
      I’ll pm you. Thanks!

  4. I’ve republished my Pure Wildfire series – Sunfire, Icefire, Moonfire and Thunderfire, and next month I plan to republish the STORM series – Red Alert, Red Heat, Red Inferno, Red Storm, Emotion in Motion and Shifting Heat.
    I still have the Nightstar series, and I’m debating what to do with it. Also my two contributions to the Cougar Challenge series will follow in due course.

  5. I am also an ex-EC author. Would love to be included in the next update.

    I’ve republished Elevated Exposure as Blackout and Midnight Solace as Dark Solace.

    I have two others I need to work on, but they’ll be re-released later this year.

    Thank you!

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