Pre-order A Delicate Seduction! Harwell Heirs Book Four, finally!

Finally…finally A Delicate Seduction: A Harwell Heirs Legacy Romance, Book Four in the Harwell Heirs series, is available for pre-order!

It’s been a long time, a long time, yes, I know. The last time I released a brand new book (not a repackaged, previously published story) was 2019.

Can you tell I am so happy to be releasing Percival and Bertram’s story into the world? Check out this gorgeous cover!

Cover for A Delicate Seduction by Regina Kammer

The (long-awaited) Blurb

Love is patient… but desire is demanding

Percival Wood, the Marquess of Norrington, is free. His former lover Jack — a blackguard and a brute — is dead. Percival no longer needs to hide. While his father insists Percival take the opportunity to rejoin Society, Percival has other plans. He wants to get away, far away from the traumas of the past.

For years, Bertram Atherley, the Viscount Ravensburgh, had waited on the sidelines, helpless while his cousin Jack had been a cruel beast to his boyhood chum Percival. Now Jack was dead, and Bertram is eager to resume his friendship with Percival. This time, though, Bertram feels something more than mere camaraderie.

At Percival’s behest the two embark on a Grand Tour of sorts, a journey from England to Italy and France. While abroad, friendship blossoms into something more. But trauma and pain have a way of reasserting themselves no matter where one may go. For Percival, physical contact with Bertram dredges up the horrors of his past. But Bertram has waited so long for a chance to woo his boyhood crush and his patience is running out.

Will the two be able to bury the past and embark on a future together in each other’s arms?

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A Delicate Seduction is Book 4 in the Victorian erotic romance Harwell Heirs series. The story takes place in 1879, at the same time as Book 1, and is a male-male slow-burn, childhood friends-to-lovers, vacation abroad, historical romance. Interwoven with the romance is a story-within-a-story featuring a pirate hunter and his trusty mate. A Delicate Seduction can be read as a stand-alone; however, the novel is enhanced by first reading The Pleasure Device.

Content note: The character of Percival Wood, the Marquess of Norrington, is a survivor of intimate partner violence. The abuse happened prior to the timeline of this novel, and is not described overtly on page. However, past abuse is referenced, and some situations trigger Percival’s memories. For this very reason, the heat level of this book is different than my other works. As the author, I felt compelled to protect Percival.

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The Harwell Heirs Legacy Romances
Book 4: A Delicate Seduction, Percival (Norrington) and Bertram (Ravensburgh)’s story, set in Italy and France
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