The General’s Wife now in epub!

Finally, finally I was able to convert The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale into an epub edition! I had to wait until the end of its enrollment in Amazon’s KDP Select Program, because books in that program have to be exclusive to Amazon.

So now you can buy The General’s Wife for your Nook, your Kobo reader, your iPad or other Apple product, your Tolino reader, your whatever-is-not-a-Kindle!

Here’s a quick and easy list of where you can buy all ebook editions of The General’s Wife:

  • At Kobo for all Kobo apps and readers.
  • Believe it or not, on iBooks (the rebranded books part of iTunes)! I was really worried about that since I know Apple can be prudish. I did have to label it erotica and not erotic romance (there’s a difference, Apple!). But, it’s there!
  • At All Romance eBooks. The second–I mean this literally–I put the book up for sale on ARe it had been purchased! I love you All Romance readers!
  • For Nook readers and apps, The General’s Wife is available on Barnes & Noble/Nook Press. This was the weirdest upload experience since Nook took the epub filename and made that the book title, the URL, the HTML, the thumbnail title, etc. It was frustrating. So lesson learned: if you ever publish on Nook Press, make sure your epub file is named exactly with the title of your book!
  • For Tolino products, available at Hugendubel, a major book retailer in Germany.
  • And, of course, you can still buy it on Amazon for your Kindle readers and apps!

N.B. Due to piracy issues, Google Play has stopped accepting books from new publisher accounts including self-publisher accounts. This means The General’s Wife will not be available on Google Play for the foreseeable future. I’ll make sure to let you all know when it is available there!

Happy reading!