Works in Progress: Enticing Nibbles

Following up on my first WIP post:

Dr. Christopher’s Device: Nibbles

I submitted this manuscript to five publishers and an agent. Except for one publisher who never got back to me (I won’t name them, but, really now, I’d rather have a rejection than silence!), I received very positive responses on this novel. One of the responses was more positive than the others and I hope to be able to announce specifics in the very near future!

The General’s Wife: Reissue

The final manuscript has been through two beta readers, one of whom tweeted her experience:


Anyway, I have the notes from both betas and will review and revise before I solicit another beta reader. Then it’s off to the copy editor, redesigning the cover, compiling all the non-novel bits, etc., etc.

Short Stories

I submitted five shorts this year. One received a rejection (I’m okay with this!). One received very strong interest. The others I haven’t heard back on.

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