Romancing the Throne, Part 2: The Eunuch’s Submission

In the opulent palace of Ctesiphon, the capital of ancient Parthia, lives a princess who searches for the stolen throne of her kingdom, the sella regia. She engages the services of a palace eunuch in her quest, a handsome and astute advisor. Over the years, respect and esteem transform into love, love deepens into trust, trust sparks sexual exploration.

Thus is the set up for my two short stories “An Unexpected Discovery”, an erotic romance, and the follow up, “The Eunuch”, a BDSM flash fiction erotica short. In “An Unexpected Discovery” the Parthian princess Roedogune searches for the sella regia with the assistance of Arashis, the eunuch assigned to her by her husband. It’s an erotic romance, so it’s not really giving it away to say Roedogune and Arashis end up together — romance is about the emotional and physical journey since readers already know there will be a happily-ever-after.

Creating a romantic connection between characters is what a romance writer does. And sometimes that writer is given an opportunity to explore the relationship beyond the happily-ever-after, to take a peek into the life of a couple after that first flush of excitement.

Continuing a romance is especially wonderful if the characters are beloved characters, more so if these are characters who almost did not make the page. Continue reading

Two New Erotic Shorts Coming Soon!

May is Short Story Month, and I’m taking the opportunity to announce I’ll be in two upcoming anthologies. I’m amongst some greats in the erotica canon with these books, so am feeling a little amazed and abashed, as well as super excited! Continue reading

New Releases: Victorian Pleasures

I’ve mentioned my 2011 National Novel Writing Month novel, Dr. Christopher’s Device, a few times. I’m totally excited that it will be released on November 27, 2013, by Ellora’s Cave as The Pleasure Device. In October, one of my short stories (actually a short, short work of flash fiction), “The Demonstration”, was released as part of Go Deeper Press’s Dirty Little Numbers anthology.

What I’ve not told anyone yet is how the two stories are related. Continue reading

Works in Progress: SOLD! and more updates

The Pleasure Device: Sold!

I can finally announce that Dr. Christopher’s Device has been picked up and sold to the publisher Ellora’s Cave! Continue reading

Submitting: Resources for Erotic Short Story Submissions

[Note: I am no longer updating this Short Story Submissions Resources page.]

So far this year, I have submitted four short stories to various editors. I have one more looking for a home, so I diligently peruse calls for submissions. Most calls for short stories are very specific – e.g., zombies, sex at work, Christmas – and since my unsubbed story is already written, I have to find an appropriate call.

I’ll admit that I never thought I would be able to write an erotic story based on someone else’s prompt. Sexy is subjective, isn’t it? Some things just simply do not turn me on. One of the calls did turn me on, so I plunged in (my hero did some plunging in of his own, too). Continue reading


Today, I’m participating in a publisher pitch in an online discussion forum. It’s a little nerve-racking waiting for feedback. But I won’t write about that. I’ve been looking into querying and have a few links to share. Continue reading