Snippet Sunday: The General’s Wife: Annabella and Redmond

For today’s Snippet Sunday* I’m taking a slight detour from Clara’s storyline. I write multi-character historicals where everyone, including secondary and tertiary characters, have a bit of fun, and The General’s Wife is rich in such characters and their, uh, “fun.” Today we meet Lady Clara Strathmore’s American lady’s maid Annabella Rogers and her beloved Redmond Moncrief. Redmond, also an American, is the groom in the Strathmore stables. The two young lovers must keep their relationship secret from our villain, General Strathmore.

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Redmond grabbed her at the waist, securing her easily as he tantalized the sensitive skin of her neck with a slow stroke of his tongue.

“I will not lie with you in a horse stall nor a hayloft.” This time her protest was a bit more subdued. If it weren’t for the fact that she would not have time to bed her betrothed and fix her hair and dress before doing her duty for her mistress, Annabella would have lain with Redmond anywhere, in any position, damn the hay and smells.

“I have brought a very large, well-shaken, comfortable blanket for you, my love,” Redmond said, his mouth now at her cleavage. “And you may be on top. Your dress will not get mussed.”

He did not wait for an answer but grabbed the aforementioned blanket hanging over a stall partition and proceeded up the ladder to the hayloft.

“Oh, damnation!” Annabella muttered before following him.

By the time she reached the top, he was already lying on the blanket, his hands laced behind his head, his desire quite apparent from the bulge at his crotch, his lips spread in a devilishly inviting smile.

11 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday: The General’s Wife: Annabella and Redmond

    • I like stories with lots of characters, too! The current fashion in the romance genre is to just focus on the two main characters. I think mixing it up with a few others makes the story more interesting.

  1. I love a practical woman and a man who plans ahead! I’m completely hooked on this story . . . (and still worried about Clara).

  2. I have to agree with the others. I like know about the other characters in the book, too. It’s doesn’t have to be all about the main characters. 🙂 Looks like these two are going to enjoy their roll in the hay. (hee hee)

    • Thanks! In WordPress under Appearance / Header there’s a Random radio button. I’m using the Twenty-Eleven theme and a custom site so not sure if all WordPress users get this function?

  3. Hellooooo hayloft! I love the trysts with minor characters — it gives the story more realism. The mc’s shouldn’t hog all the “fun”:)

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