Snippet Sunday: The General’s Wife: Clara

In this installment of Snippet Sunday*, our heroine Clara meets our villain General Strathmore for the first time. This directly follows last week’s snippet, from The General’s Wife, which I am revising.

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Then one night toward the end of the Season, the general noticed Clara. She had recently turned eighteen, and Mama made sure she stood out, matching her dresses to her eyes, daintily arranging her curls, pinching her cheeks pink. Mama’s efforts ensured a great many young men set their sights on Clara, but the watchful gaze of her older brother Oliver and the political ambitions of their father kept all lesser suitors at bay.

As the general approached, Papa bent his head in her direction. “Now Clara, be a good girl. General Strathmore is a valuable ally,” he counseled.

“Yes, Papa.”

And when the general was before her, she suddenly understood what all the fuss was about. His cool demeanor was intriguing, his presence magnetic. Her heart beat a little faster as her lungs tightened in their sudden need for air.

11 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday: The General’s Wife: Clara

    • I’m very excited to be revisiting this story — it’s been so much fun! I can’t wait to finish the revisions and get it out there. Apparently, there’s not much colonial American romance, and probably even less colonial American erotic romance! Clara’s not DAR, but her lady’s maid is. More on her another week.

      • Kate Dolan writes revolutionary war romance, plus she’s a re-enactor and helped the Baltimore Chapter DAR celebrate its 120th anniversary. 🙂

  1. She seems to be quite intrigued by him. Someone should tell her that falling for villains is… oh, wait… I <3 Darth Vader, so um… never mind. Carry on!

    • Oh, yeah … Darth … be still my heart. I, too, have been known to fall for villains.

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