Snippet Sunday: The General’s Wife: Sam and Pat

I think this might be my last General’s Wife snippet for Snippet Sunday* for a while. The book is now with a copyeditor. (Thanks to P.T. Wyant for catching that typo last week! I hate typos! Go nuts copyeditor!) I’m hoping to release it by this November (cross fingers), so maybe I’ll do some more snippet teasers just before then.

In an earlier post, I had alluded to Pat and Sam being “very close buddies” which, of course, is a euphemism. Wait – what? They like each other? Aren’t they the heroes for our heroine Clara? Let’s just say I like to mix it up a bit with my writing and I have a soft spot for the bisexual beta hero.

The set up: It’s night at the American camp. Our revolutionary heroes Captain Samuel Taylor and Lieutenant Patrick Hamilton were just discussing a recent incident involving Lady Clara Strathmore. Sam realizes the two men are alone in the dark, standing away from the encampment, ensuring a bit of privacy. Privacy is paramount as homosexual activity was a capital crime in 18th-century England and its American colonies.

(Full disclosure: Once again, I did a little editing around a plot point I didn’t want to reveal.)

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Sam smacked Pat on the hip, letting his palm linger before sliding to cup a firm butt cheek, then squeezing.

Pat shucked him off. “You court danger, my captain.”

He slapped his hands against the trunk on either side of Pat’s head and leaned in. “I’m frustrated, lieutenant.”

“As are probably all of your men. You must embrace continence, and set the example.” Pat’s breath fanned hot against his lips.

“Damn this war,” Sam muttered, pulling back. He could really use a frig.

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  1. So happy it’s with a copyeditor! I’ll be reading it again. When I’m by myself. Because I just enjoyed the beta read of it THAT much! 😉 Oh? was that TMI? 😀

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