Perpetual Pride: All My Queer LGBTQIA+ Stories!

In celebration of Pride Month, which is June of every year, I am writing this post with the expectation that I will update it every June listing all my new Queer / LGBTQIA+ releases! [I might just end up making a page instead, but will let you know right here.]

I write queer main romantic protagonists only in my historicals. Many readers seem to think there were no queer people in the past. Some even think, while there were queer people in the past, they certainly never had a happily-ever-after. Well, I hope my stories reflect that, indeed, there were queer people in the past. In my historical erotic romances, my characters always have happily-ever-afters (an HEA is not an expectation or requirement for erotica).

The below list provides the genre and subgenre and the type of queer representation for each of my stories. Unless otherwise noted by “secondary”, the main protagonists are queer. Continue reading