Getting Off On History

My very first guest post on another blog is out today!

We have a webpage for the upcoming anthology Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors in which I have a Roman-set story, “The Promise of Memory”. [UPDATE: website no longer available.]

I’m talking about historical romance and historical erotica and why I find it so enthralling. You can either read the post below, or read it on the Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors website. [UPDATE: website no longer available.] Continue reading

Writing Process Blog Hop: How I Do It

I’ve been tagged in the Writing Process Blog Hop! I was tagged by my colleague Jasmine Haynes who writes erotica and erotic romance (and other books under other names). She has a new release from Berkley Heat, Teach Me a Lesson, the second book in her Let’s Misbehave series.
Jasmine writes very hot sex! There is a voyeur scene near the beginning of The Principal’s Office that is so absolutely scorching I had to look around to make sure no one was watching me as I read it!

Now on to the official Writing Process Blog Hop questions. Continue reading

Giving back

Since I became a writer, I have only encountered generosity amongst fellow writers: Encouragement, advice, willingness to listen, shared enthusiasm when something goes right, a spirit of giving. I suspect it comes from the knowledge that we are colleagues, not competitors. This is true especially for genre writers, especially romance, where readers and fans read voraciously — a book a week, the more exuberant amongst them a book a day.

That’s a lot of books.

So, the purpose of my blog will be not only to tell you about what’s going on with my writing and promote new releases. I want to honor that spirit of giving and give back via encouragement, writing tips, and useful (or fun) resources that I hope will be interesting to both readers and writers.

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